What’s in My Bag?

There’s a brand new video fit tip on Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement and this one may be the most outside-the-box yet. It’s literally what’s in my daily go-to bag. I’m a working woman on the run and you’ll see I am very practical and my bag is very functional. 

A few initial comments I received upon posting this were: 1. you don’t carry food or snacks? Nope. I’m not a snacker. 2. What about a change of clothing? I usually do go home midday to take care of my animals, so I can always change then. 3. Your phone is so old! Yup, but it provides me with all I need. When this phone calls it quits, then I get a new one, but this one is going strong.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video, but wish I did, is that the pouches aren’t just to keep order – they also keep everything safe. Lots of people damage power cords or scruff-up their business cards because they are floating around in their purses. Or a busted lip gloss explodes and oozes into a computer keyboard. I really consider it to be a part of one’s wellness routine, to take care of all the various “tools” you need and use everyday…to take good care of your stuff. It’s subtle but profound. It provides peace of mind at the very least – and at the very most, it creates a streamlined efficient way of life.

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