What Is Four Elements Flow?

What the heck is Four Elements Flow? That’s what my husband asked when he read the name of the newest video workout on ellenbarrett.com. It’s a good question…allow me to explain. 

Four Elements Flow is a 45minute fusion low-impact cardio workout where instead of focusing on cardio, strength and stretch, it brings awareness to air, water, fire and earth. The workout fuses yoga, barre and Pilates in a seamless, all standing, flow.  

Why divert attention from the usual fitness-y language? First, I thought focusing on the elements, would be a nice change-up. It’ll help keep our workout routine interesting, and it’s a unique way of seeing things. 

Second, I thought exposing you to the elements would make you see how you are nature! You are just like the trees, the birds, and the ocean. You possess varying degrees of the elements, and balance among the elements creates harmony on all levels. (That’s feel good fitness!)

And third, I thought the elemental focus would fortify our understanding about what a balanced workout is.

  • Workouts that have too little or too much water irritate the joints of the body. Lubricated joints are happy joints. 
  • Workouts that have too little or too much air, irritate the heart. Breathing imbalances are no fun. 
  • Workout that have too little earth are unfocused, wobbly and impatient, but too much earth leads to inaction.
  • Workout that have too little fire irritate the muscles – muscles want to be warm – but too much fire leads to dehydration and fatigue.

I’ve been super influenced by traditional Chinese medicine for sure, and I also spend a ton of time in the woods. You can ask my husband, Steve – I’ve been talking about elements for a long time, so finally putting air/water/fire/earth into a workout is thrilling. I’m so grateful for the ellenbarrett.com platform because it allows me to create what I want, even if it’s a little quirky. 

Be sure to check out Four Elements Flow. My hope is that it helps you see how the nature “out there” is also the nature within. 
xo Ellen