The Three Beliefs of the Very Well

I just spent an afternoon with human resource directors from some of the biggest companies in the world. I listened in on parts of their conversation concerning their employees. The primary conundrum that each of these HR directors faced was how can they keep employees healthy and strong, and thus productive?

Many of their employees work long hours and when their workday ends, family responsibilities begin. Basically, everyone’s busy and exhausted, so how does anyone fit in a wellness protocol? It got me thinking about the people I know, who without a doubt, defy this status quo, people who have sustained a high level of well-being while living very full lives. They have the following three beliefs in common: 

Belief #1 – You can’t see taking care of yourself as optional. Wellness is not extracurricular. It may seem like a yoga class after work is a hobby, but it’s not. It’s part of your “be well protocol,” weaving itself into each day, somehow and some way.  

Belief #2 – You can’t view wellness as expending energy. Instead, view it as receiving energy. Sure, you expend effort, but you reap the energetic rewards, tenfold. Consistent hydration, high quality food, and mindful movement have a nice return on investment.

Belief #3 – Your well-being is very much linked to your sense of self-worth. Are you worth it? Yes. Do you deserve to feel good? Heck yeah! When you intrinsically know you’re worthy, you allocate the time, spend the money, and prioritize YOU. 

The bottomline is, wellness really does need to become a way of life…your way of life. It’s not just exercise and diet and weight management, it’s in all our choices and actions, big and small.  And busy or not (and HR director or not!) commit to feeling good, being inspired, and functioning optimally, and then watch – empowered wellness is yours to be had.