Express Barre With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Express Barre

We’re delivering an elegant head-to-toe Ballet conditioning workout in just 20minutes, so kick of your shoes, stand tall and let’s move! Barefoot is best. * This video will debut on Let’s Move! on May 19, 2023 by 9amEST

Gentle Sculpt With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Gentle Sculpt

“Easy on the knees?” “Yes, please!”Low-impact, all standing with no squats, lunges or deep knee bending, this 20minute sculpt class is total body strengthening using ‘up energy” and light hand held weights ( 2-5lbs each). Barefoot is best. This video will begin streaming on Let’s Move! on Sunday, February 5th by 9am EST.

Bend & Extend With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Bend & Extend

Ballet blends with old-school calisthenics in this non-stop dumbbell-less muscle conditioning class where bigger-ing your range of motion is top priority. A “sticky” yoga mat is recommended. Barefoot is best. *This video will appear on Let’s Move! by Sunday, January 1 at 9amEST.

Yoga Pump With Ellen Barrett

A New & Unique Workout

Yoga Pump is now streaming on Let’s Move! and I think it’s a very unique interval workout. We’ve gotten great feedback on a couple of our previous workouts, Yoga Tone and Yogini Sculpt, and I wanted to bring that vibe to muscle conditioning again, but with a twist.  For years I’ve felt this need to bring a sense of calm to workouts. Life is already pretty hyper for most of us, and sometimes I think hyper workout sessions do more harm than good....

Ellen Barrett Pilates Mix

New Workout Alert! Pilates Mix Is Here!

Pilates Mix is a 20minute series of standing and traditional mat Pilates. It is slow paced for a workout, but is actually pretty fast paced for Pilates. The routine requires focus and body awareness, especially awareness of what’s not moving. We’ve had lots of requests for more Pilates workouts, and I really love blending standing stuff with mat work. Pilates Mix is not a huge calorie burner and it’s not going to “wipe you out” so to speak. It’s subtle, mindful and concentrated. It promotes symmetry and...