New Workout Alert! Pilates Mix Is Here!

Pilates Mix is a 20minute series of standing and traditional mat Pilates. It is slow paced for a workout, but is actually pretty fast paced for Pilates. The routine requires focus and body awareness, especially awareness of what’s not moving. We’ve had lots of requests for more Pilates workouts, and I really love blending standing stuff with mat work.

Pilates Mix is not a huge calorie burner and it’s not going to “wipe you out” so to speak. It’s subtle, mindful and concentrated. It promotes symmetry and proper alignment, along with greater muscular balance. If you have the time, Pilates Mix in combination with Walk With Weights would be so fantastic. You’d get that solid cardio component and cover all of the bases! 

As you probably know, every workout I create is heavily influenced by Pilates. (I can’t help it…Pilates is just so darn smart!) Remember, no movement is ever in isolation, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and mobility depends on both strength and flexibility in equal parts. 

Join me this Monday, May 17th 7pm EST on Instagram LIVE as I’ll be on discussing Pilates Mix and taking questions. I’m calling it “It’s New” and hope to do a live discussion every time Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement releases a new class. I hope you can join me, but if you don’t, I’ll be sure to record it and offer it via Instagram over the next few days.