A New & Unique Workout

Yoga Pump is now streaming on Let’s Move! and I think it’s a very unique interval workout. We’ve gotten great feedback on a couple of our previous workouts, Yoga Tone and Yogini Sculpt, and I wanted to bring that vibe to muscle conditioning again, but with a twist. 

For years I’ve felt this need to bring a sense of calm to workouts. Life is already pretty hyper for most of us, and sometimes I think hyper workout sessions do more harm than good. Yet, we do need to break a sweat and be challenged. Therein lies the dilemma. 

So what’s a fit pro to do? Well, breath needs to become a focal point, as does flow and mindfulness. Then, the pace needs to be just right – not too slow, but not too fast. Incorporating expansive yoga moves – moves that increase the heart rate and open up the body – are especially effective as well. 

Let’s not sacrifice the nervous system or our adrenals for a workout. Let’s be totallyfit, where all systems of the body thrive, not just the muscular-skeletal system. And let’s make our workouts fit our needs, truly promoting wellness.

I hope you give Yoga Pump a try, and notice its effect on you. May it give you a workout without the frazzle.