Staying Well Right Now

Season’s change. Right now, in Connecticut, it’s beginning to feel like winter. While every time of year has its greatness, this time of year, late November specifically, has always been hard for me. I already miss the barefoot ease of summer, and winter is not fully in effect. It’s colder and darker, and nature is still in route. We ‘ve left the shores of summer, but haven’t “landed” in winter, and I think that’s why I can feel a bit discombobulated. I’ve learned how to ride the wave from summer to winter. Here are few things I’m doing right now to say well. 

I’m turning in early. Last night, I was cozy and warm and reading in bed by 8pm. Even though I didn’t fall asleep until 10ish, I find relaxing with a book, instead of being out and about, to be very restorative. It “down levels” the nervous system really well. 

I’m choosing less intense workouts. This will translate differently for everyone. For some it’ll mean shorter workouts. For other’s it’ll mean slower workouts. For me, it’s more yoga-type activities with calm breathing emphasis. 

I’m getting cozier. Layers, leg warmers, thermals and knits are some of my best friends this time of year. My pal, Sandrine, lays out a sheep skin rug on top of her yoga mat (super deluxe coziness!). 

I’m finding moments of stillness. The other day, when it was pouring rain, and I found myself leaning against the kitchen counter and just watching the elements swirl around outside my window. It was quite soothing, like a mini-meditation. Moments of stillness are everywhere, from taking a few deep breaths while waiting for the train, or relaxing in the bath tub. You can do our Guided Meditation too. Moments of stillness are an important facet of feeling calm and centered.

It’s easy to think the seasons are outside of us, that we can just continue on with our routines. However, every day is not the same. Seasons change and we need to adjust. So let’s all stay really well right now by noticing and feeling the outside is also inside