How to Thrive at Thanksgiving

In the United States, it’s Thanksgiving week. It can be a challenging week on many levels, but it is especially challenging for those of us wanting to stay on a healthy living path. Be sure to spend some time today setting an intention for yourself. For me, it’s to stay grounded and move my body everyday.
We tend to get way off-routine this time of year, and sometimes that “off-routine energy” continues until New Year’s. You can nip that in the bud with self-awareness. The ancient yogi’s call it inwardly gazing. Keep your eye on yourself – how you feel, what you need. It’s always crucial for wellness, but these day I think, it’s more crucial that ever. 

Take a few deep breaths when you sit down to the Thanksgiving table. Feel your feet on the floor and your butt in the seat. Look around at the tribe surrounding you and “be here now” as you gather. There’s no rush – let the stress of preparing the meal fall away. Don’t say a word or take a bite until you’re truly present in body, mind and spirt. 

Women, especially, neglect their own needs right now. We’re too busy tending to the needs of others. Let it be known…you can be a caretaker AND take care of yourself – they are not diametrically opposed. You just need self-awareness to bring your needs to the forefront. xo Ellen