On Point

From my estimate, the three most prevalent tension spots are: the jaw, the chest & shoulders, and the ankle & foot. Take a moment right now and see where there is tension happening in your body. The jaw along with the chest & shoulder area are obvious and you probably knew about a tendency for tightness there, but the ankle & foot? You probably didn’t realize until now.

One of the many reasons why I advocate for going  barefoot, in workouts and beyond, is fully pointing. You can fully point without shoes. Your foot can reach its maximum expression – no obstruction. With shoes? It rarely happens. 

Three big reasons why you should care: 

  1. You want bigger, better function. Your foot, your ankle, your whole body will move more gracefully and be way more capable. 
  2. You want to feel fantastic. Energy flow to your feet feels really good…easy, breezy. 
  3. You want your front body line to shine. The front of your ankle is the beginning of the muscle chain that works it’s way all the way up, including the heart center (chest and shoulders!), the throat chakra (the jaw!). Fully pointing causes a chain reaction of awesomeness from ground the crown. 

OMG – it’s all related!! Thus, I beg of you, go barefoot. It solves a lot of problems. It prevents a lot of problems. It’s literally on point