Habit Stacking

Things really start to ramp up this time of year, don’t they? I feel like there’s something extra tacked onto every day, either a chore, a decision, or some sort of outing. It is easy for our daily workouts to get put on the back burner. What’s a girl to do? Well, I just got hip to the term “habit stacking” and it’s definitely something to embrace. Habit stacking is when you layer in good action steps. For instance, while you boil water in the morning for your tea, you write your day’s to do list. It’s actually multi–tasking, but without any sense of distraction or compromise. Reading about habit stacking made me realize, your workout can easily be stacked!

  • A workout can be a workout AND a great date with your kids, friends or partner, if you plan it out. 
  • A workout can be a workout AND a time for outdoors/sunshine/fresh air, just by taking it outside.
  • A workout can be a workout AND a 3pm energy reset, instead of a cup of coffee when you time it right.
  • A workout can be a workout AND a sessions to reinforce positive affirmations, especially with Affirmative Flow. 😉
  • A workout can be a workout AND a business call, by taking your phone on a walk. 

I used to train a soap opera actress who would record her lines on her phone in one long voice message. While she’d run on a treadmill, she’d “play” her recording and learn her lines. Looking back, that was quintessential habit stacking. 

On Halloween, I had lots going on and spend a good chunk of the day in the car, so at 7pm, I still hadn’t gotten a workout in. While I was making dinner, I put on Kylie Minogue’s dance music, and turned my kitchen into a dance floor. 20minutes of Padam Padam-ing revived me energetically and dinner was served!

I’m telling everyone to mull over this notion of habit stacking. There are endless ways to bring it in. Where can habit stacking fit into your life? Where can a workout fit into your habit stacking? The answers could be life-changing magic, helping you feel good, look great and shine bright…this busy season, and beyond.🤗