Fitness & Faith

Joe Pilates famously said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”  He couldn’t have been more right. It is the first requisite. The body is meant to move and wants to move. Feeling strong and capable is foundational to joy. Now, what’s the second requisite? 

Well, I’d say it’s faith. Faith in it’s broadest sense, meaning complete trust or confidence in something. So for this topic, that means faith in your body’s ability to function, to heal and to thrive. Yup, the human body is magnificently intelligent and don’t you forget it! 

We, as a society, are at an all time low in the faith department. Fear has taken over. In fact, fear is the norm, and if you do not exhibit fear, people may wonder what is wrong with you (which is utterly upside down and backwards, BTW).

Well, let’s not be normal. Let’s have complete trust in the physical self. Let’s continue taking care of our bodies with nutritious movement, nutritious food, and nutritious self-care. The more you take care of yourself, the more faith you’ll accrue – it’s a self-fulfilling cycle. 

We’ve come so far. Keep your eye on the prize – HAPPINESS. Keep moving, keep the faith. Let’s be the band of happy people that the rest of the world thinks is nuts. 😂