Tribe of Unicorns

Self-help guru, Lisa Nichols, has a big go-to tip for successful living – find your tribe of unicorns. This very much resonates with me, especially this year, as I’ve relied on my tribe of unicorns more than ever. (I include my dog in my tribe!) My tribe encourages me to eat healthy, and to still have fun. My tribe won’t let me get pulled down by fear. My tribe exercises with me, and invites me on cool adventures. My tribe tells me when there’s a full moon or a must-listen-to podcast. Basically, my tribe keeps me high vibe. 

“Unicorns” are special people with great energy. They care about you and truly want you to thrive. It’s crucial that you find your own tribe of them, because some individuals  – including family members – can bring us down. (Don’t excommunicate the non-unicorns BTW…,just know they are currently not unicorns.)

Ask yourself this: who, right now in my  life, is a unicorn? Who is lifting me up?Maybe you have one or two friends that fit this bill, and maybe you can reach out and connect with some others. And, you can count on me to be your unicorn from afar. 

The bottomline is who you surround yourself with has a significant effect on your wellbeing…now go get some unicorns. 🦄