Remedies For Emotional Fatigue

On Saturday night, I stood in my kitchen, attempting to make dinner for my family, when a wave of fatigue fell over me. I had had a busy week and the day flew by with a bit of rushing around, but I was well rested and hydrated, and it was only 6pm. I quickly realized I wasn’t physically fatigued – I was emotionallyfatigued. 

I get the sense that a lot of us are experiencing emotional fatigue right now.  We, collectively, are tired in a way that more sleep will not fix. The question is: what can fix it? Well, the “formula” will vary from person to person, but here are some techniques that I find very helpful: 

First, whenever possible, steer clear of things that drain you. This could be people, places and/or things. (Important to do this even when you’re not emotionally fatigued!) Second, on the flip side, embrace things that light you up. (If I could live in the woods right now, I would!) Third, do soothing-to-the-nervous system self-care like relaxing in the bath tub or meditation. Four, cut back on caffeine. Caffeine makes us more susceptible to emotional fatigue. (There is a great book, I highly recommend, called Caffeine Blues, that explains this in great detail.) And five, practice movement that is restorative and rejuvenatingSunset Stretch, Sunrise Stretch, Moving Mediation and Stretch 360 are some great options. (Movement, for sure, can be medicine.) 

Life can be so distracting that we fail to check in with ourselves. It’s important to notice how you’re doing. So periodically ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” and then be sure to listen. This is a huge part of empowered wellness, and the truly fit people of the world pay attention to their own energy levels and emotional states.

So take care. Seriously!