God gave me a great body, and it’s my duty
to take care of it.
– Jean-Claude Van Damme

Have you ever been up close to a deer running wild in the woods? The way the deer moves is sheer elegance. She’s agile and light, and has precision and ease in motion that’s quite breath-taking. The muscles and joints of her body are coordinated, like a symphony.

Your body wants to move in symphony too. Your body prefers unity over isolation. In fact, isolation is kind of impossible, because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Like, even if you attempt to contract the biceps, your triceps on the other side of that movement extend, so technically, those biceps were not isolated. 

Unity is the unsung hero of the human body. Because of it, we have flow and grace, like the deer. Unity also supports power. Power is the universe of the body working together (and the deer’s got loads of that too!). Unity is why we’re doing Power & Balance today. It’s a 30minute sculpt routine filled with grounding, activating the core, and big, bold movements that train the body in unity. 

DAY 2 OFF-THE-MAT ACTION STEP:: Today, spend a few minutes to observe any animal in the wild. (The chipmunks and squirrels are outside my window right now!) Watch them move. I guarantee, they’re a perfect example of movement unity. They might not been as elegant as the deer, but they are “whole body” and because of it, they’ve got awesome physical prowess. They are “all in” all the time. Use these critters as inspiration. By seeing them move in symphony, perhaps you’ll sense your own symphony within.