Exercise tells your cells that you are alive.
 – Suzanne Somers

“I’m so busy” is something I used to say a lot, but I stopped using it as a go-to statement whenever anyone asked me how I was doing. I’m really not that busy. I mean, I get 8 hours of sleep at night, and I have plenty of time to walk my dog, pack my son’s lunch, and water my plants. The truth is, “There is so much I want to (or have to) get done.” That’s way different than busy. It’s better than busy! It means I’ll never be bored, I want to be productive, and it means I want it all.

If you want it all (which I know you do!), efficiency is your best friend. That equates to getting organized, multi-tasking whenever possible, and having laser focus on the task at hand, so it’s done right.  Cardio Core is efficient, and that’s why it’s our workout of the day. In a concentrated 20minute standing barefoot workout, a lot is accomplished – core strengthening and a solid cardio experience. Let’s go! 

DAY 3 OFF-THE-MAT ACTION STEP:: Jump out of bed with the affirmation, “I want it all.” Replace the “I’m so busy” one. I want it all is the zero point of our dreams. From it, a real zest for life is sprung. Watch how you move about the day with purpose and spunk.