Three Trends (Here to Stay?)

As a minimalist, I find a yoga mat to be the best fitness prop there is. I roll it out and a workout ensues. The exercise industry will always be reinventing and/or creating gizmos and do-dads, and it will always be evolving. I don’t go to trade shows or fitness conventions anymore, but I feel I stay “current’ as I visit other studios and gyms often, and I also regularly meet up with my fitness colleagues and love to learn about what’s “new and exciting.”  Here are three things I’ve noticed, and they seem to be here to stay:

1. Expensive yoga mats (but don’t worry, a $30 mat still works fine)
The sky’s the limit when it comes to mat prices. And let it be known that mat scene is bipolar – it’s either going high-tech or it’s going earthy/organic. The one thing they have in common is they are $100 or more. Now since mats are my jam, I have no issue with the price tag (I’ll put a mat to good use!), but I lean more towards the earthy organic kind. Beware: “high tech” is sometimes code for “toxic chemicals.” And also, as a minimalist (and as a thrifty person), I lean towards keeping my old mats in circulation for as long as possible…like my cars.
2. The “all you need is your body” trend (the ultimate in minimalism)
Push-ups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks….you can do a full body workout with no equipment. Shoes are even optional. Body weight instead of dumbbells…you already have everything you need, yourself. 
3. The hyggle trend (last but not least!)
Bust out the candles, the essential oils, the sheep skin rugs, and the eye pillows and dim the lights, because a cozy quasi-spa experience is happening in your fitness class. In my opinion, “hyggie fitness” is the future of fitness, and I’m already layering it into my own home workout space with natural light, a few choice crystals, a serene setting, and the glow of my salt lamp nearby. The rougher the world gets, the more we need a workout sanctuary. I’m super smitten with hyggie-ing makes it soulful, easy on one’s nervous system.

Isn’t it interesting to notice what pop’s up and sticks around? I think of it as evolution. We evolve, our needs shift, and the exercise biz adjusts to accommodate our needs (and make a buck!). I’m glad we have fitness evolution. You and I will never be bored, we’ll always have something new to check out, and hopefully our needs keep being met. 

Just some food for thought on this beautiful Monday in May… now go have a great day. See you in class