Step Into The Flow

When I look at this action shot from Quick Core Fusion, my first reaction is, “No strain.” You can tell that Krystal, Amy and I are flowing. There’s a lot to be said about flow. Flow makes effort feel better. (Huh? How does effort feel better? And what exactly is flow?)

Flow is a way of moving the body where there is ease and effort simultaneously. It’s not all yang, and it’s not all yin…it’s a bit of both. Flow has five signature components: 

  1. Flow begins in the breath. There is an energy direction to the inhale (expansion) and to the exhale (contraction) and when we flow, we aim to sync up to that direction as much as possible. It’s complimentary, and magnifies the effects of the movement.
  2. Flow is “soft” joints. The muscles can squeeze all they want, but the ligaments and tendons surrounding our joints stay passive. This makes the joints feel open, loose and un-tense. 
  3. Flow is waves, flourishes and circles, and is rarely a completely straight line. The body is spherical, thus flow follows these natural tracks. 
  4. Flow integrates muscles. No muscle is isolated and alone, it’s always a muscle chain. 
  5. Flow uses the core as its steering wheel. I love to say the core is our “mothership” and our arms and legs are satellites. When the core is at the helm, movement is safer, calmer, more effective and feels better. 

Flow can be layered into a game of tennis, to a disco dance, and to moving furniture around your house, simply by sprinkling in is these five components. The breathing awareness has the power to start a chain reaction of #2, 3,4 and 5. Remember, you and I are not going with the flow. That implies a lack of control, a letting go of the reins. Instead, you are I are stepping into the flow. We are taking advantage of all the ways the body works and aligning to its genius. ✨