That’s Hot!

It’s firmly summer here in Connecticut, and while I try to appreciate every season, I must admit, I live for summer! I love the sun, the longer days, the summer food and most of all, I love being warm. 

Warmth is not talked about all that much but let me take you down memory lane. First, air conditioning wasn’t even a thought in dance/yoga studios back in the day. Most gyms did not have it either. I vividly remember just opening windows and positioning fans around the room. Second, there are degrees of warmth. In the winter, after a workout, our muscles are warm, but in the summer after a workout, our muscles more easily stay warm and perhaps, get warmer and warmer as the days go by. This is significant. And third, warmth can be created internally (through movement and action) and it can also be created externally (with the sunshine, layers of clothing or heaters). Both forms of warmth are awesome, but they are different. They feel different. One is active. One is passive. It’s good to experience the difference. 

I know I know, everybody loooovvvvvveeesss their A/C. And yes, ice baths and cold plunges seem to be what all the “cool kids” are doing. However, summertime is an opportunity to turn up the heat…on yourself! Seize the opportunity to get toasty. Embrace the fire element. Notice how warmth opens up the body. How shoulders get more mobile, spines become more willowy, breathing softens. Warmth is a salve, and if you live in the northern hemisphere, it’s yours for the taking. Instead of running away from it, take it!