Inspiration in Everywhere

I have one dog, Rey, who is the most athletic Labrador you’ll ever see, and then I have another dog, Bridget, who is gentle and willowy – not as capable as Rey – but very beautiful to watch. It dawned on me recently, that watching my dogs run, stretch, swim, and maneuver through life could be my favorite pastimes. I am inspired by them, and I’ve learned a lot from them. 

Aside from the obvious, what makes dogs different from most humans?

  • Dogs are way more grounded. Four shoe-less paws always on the ground will do that for ya!
  • Dogs are not at all self-conscious. They aren’t worried about looking strange or being in a compromised position. (Many viral dog videos arise from this trait.)
  • Dogs spend most of the day in a feeling state rather than a thinking state. Humans are the opposite. We’re very cerebral. We question whether we should have a salad or a sandwich in our mind, instead of allowing the body to tell us what we are actually hungry for. Just yesterday, I watched my dog relocate to a sunny window and roll over on to her belly to capture the warmth on her belly. There was no  mental analysis, she simple felt her way into the sunshine. (Genius!)

Dogs aside, inspiration is everywhere. It’s in sports, in books, in sunsets, in trees and in children. (Oh, and cats…all the cat people out there, you’ve got serious movement inspiration there!) To help yourself stay inspired, tap into the immediate things around you and  observe. Take in all it, and when you happen upon a dog, bow down to that furry guru disguised as a pet.