Ready For Action

The black legging….what did we do before black leggings? Some fashionistas might not love the fact that a black legging is part of an unofficial “uniform” for millions of women, but there is a solid reason why: black leggings are functional. You and I can move freely in them! Fitness clothing is just clothing you and I can move in, right?  Also, black leggings can be spruced up. 

In the winter, I wear sweaters with my workout wear. In the summer, I throw on sundresses and tunics over it. In the in-between seasons, I put on denim jackets (of which I have many for some reason!). 

Then, I add a scarf around my neck, a bandana/kerchief in my hair, some bold earrings, or a pendant necklace. Since my classes are always barefoot, my footwear is rarely a sneaker. Usually, it’s Wellie boots with thick over-the-knee socks, Birkenstocks, or Ballet flats. If I do wear sneakers, I make sure they are clean and fresh and don’t look too worn out. 

There is no doubt today’s esthetic is casual comfort, and even the corporate world is dressing down. Many of us are staying extra casual and comfy working from home. While this “fashion talk” may seem like an unimportant topic, unrelated to fitness, in actuality it’s really significant because it’s about 1. feeling good and 2. time-management/ efficiency. I’m pretty much always ready to move, are you?  When I’m out and about, I’m able to squeeze in some movement – big or small – whenever. Physical tasks are not hindered by my outfit – I can say yes to wheeling the trash bin to the curb! 

So here’s some food for thought this week: (don’t go breaking dress codes but….) consider your daily uniform.  How can it remain chic yet become more functional? Are your clothing choices supporting your wellness journey?