Shipwreck Optional

Featuring a dumbbell-less sculpt class on Let’s Move! has got me thinking about Robinson Crusoe. Yes, I’m talking about the novel published in 1719, which centers on the survival of a shipwrecked European man, who spent 28 years living on a desert island off the coast of Venezuela.  

 The main character, Robinson Crusoe, is depicted in the fictional book, as well as in the subsequent movies based on the book, as being very strong, fit and able. He fights off exotic animals. He gets chased by cannibals. He climbs tall trees. Robinson has quite an adventure and his physicality gets put to the test again and again. Honestly, his level of fitness steals the show! How’d Robinson get so fit without dumbbells?

The answer of course is that dumbbells are a luxury, an extra, a nice option, but they aren’t a necessity. You already have everything you need to be fit. One’s own body weight is resistance enough. Some say it’s the best resistance, custom-made, and in perfect proportion for you. 

So this week, how about embracing a little minimalism and channeling your inner Robinson Crusoe? Give Body Weight Sculpt a try.
No dumbbells needed.
Shipwreck optional. 😂