Making It to the Mat

How about this…how about we all stop, take a minute, and think,”Hey, do my off-the-mat habits negatively influence my exercise routine?” As a trainer, I’ve learned it’s not on-the-mat that’s the problem – it’s simply getting to the mat in the first place! Here are what I deem as the top five biggest habits that set us up for exercise success:
1. Organization (a.k.a., get your sh!t together!)
Know where everything is – your keys, your water bottle, your life. Do you know how many training clients show up without the right gear, or they can’t find their keys, so they arrive late (or not at all)? A once-off thing is understandable, but this happens A LOT and it’s a matter of organization. (Yes, Maria Kondo is a fitness guru!)
2. Meditation
A few minutes of sitting quietly with just yourself is a bigger deal than it looks. Meditation helps eliminate chaos from your brain. Whenever I feel myself on the verge of frazzle-dom, I sneak away and meditate, but a few minutes everyday is a boon for energy and helps create a can-do attitude – the ideal attitude for exercise.
3. Food Prep
For me, this habit is a work in progress, but when I get it right, life flows smoothly, my workouts are solid, they’re on time, they’re high vibe, and I eat the best of the best dietarily. Food prep includes getting the food, preparing the food, allocating it, and packing it properly. This is an especially crucial habit for those of you on the run all day. (And packing a piece of fruit and a bottle of water is a great start!)
4. To Do Lists 
I sit down with a pen and paper every morning. I use this time to chart out my day and put some attention to everything that I’d like to get done. By the end of the day, the piece of paper is usually crinkled and coffee stained, and sometimes floating around my bag. However, it served me so well, kept me on track. Take the time to write a fairly elaborate to-do list each day, and be sure to include your workout on that list. 
5. Good Sleeping Habits
Nobody thinks about sleep quality until they are sleep deprived, but needless to day, sleep is crucial. Do you stay up way too late? Do you have a TV in your sleeping area? Do you drink alcohol or eat too close to your bedtime? Do you hit snooze 100times before getting out of bed? Good sleeping habits are the backbone of true wellness. Personally, I’m worthless without a good night’s rest and I’ll often end up reaching for sugar or caffeine on days I am tired…throws me off my game entirely. Prioritizes yourself by prioritizing sleep.

Isn’t it funny how the exercise habit isn’t just about exercise? So much of it is about setting the stage for movement to happen. So I know…you want to move your body. I do too! Let’s create good  habits that support our movement aspirations.