I’m going full divine feminine! Would you like to join me?

About a year ago,  I read that “busy-ness is trauma response.” I felt that statement. My whole adult life, I’ve been busy. When I had a lull in things to doit would stun me. It induced a moment of shock in a way, like, “Wait, what’s next?”  To make matters worse, I’d magnify the busy-ness. When someone asked me how I was doing, I’d respond, “So busy.” 

For all women on Mother’s Day – even if you don’t have human children – let’s stop bragging about being busy. Let’s start having more lulls in the action of our lives. Let’s gift ourselves with simply being here now. We are the carriers of the divine feminine, and that, in and of itself, makes the world a more nurturing, loving place. Nothing is more glorious, ladies, and nothing is more “productive” at this moment in time. 

Sometimes, life passes us by because we are too distracted with busy-ness to notice the miracle of being alive. We become too exhausted and distracted to look up at the stars or smell the flowers. 

That’s why, this year, when someone asks me, “What are you doing for Mother’s Day,” I’m going to say,  “Oh, you know, look up at the stars and smell the flowers.” I’m going full divine feminine! Would you like to join me? 🌺