Weight Releasing Action Steps

I am a people watcher. Airports, at the beach, at coffee shops, on the NYC subway….I people watch, hard. Yesterday, I was sitting in my car, waiting for the red light to turn green, watching folks traverse a cross walk in Saint Augustine, Florida. It was a looonnnnng light.

I noticed three things: 
1. While being overweight is very different from being obese, both situations create labored movement. Joints are over burdened. Body temp elevates too fast. Breathing balance gets checked right out of the gate. The simple act of crossing a street takes way more effort when someone is lugging around extra weight. 
2. Why are we still wearing the most ridiculous shoes?  If you needed a pen to write a note, you wouldn’t choose a pen that you couldn’t grip, that was too skinny, too floppy or too stubby, right? You’d want one that wrote smoothly and comfortably. Yet, our shoes are the stubby pen equivalent. Still! (Pardon me as I vent a little here…..🤪)
3. Age has very little to do with physical prowess or weight. The young and the old are equally capable or equally struggling! Age really is just a number if one takes charge of their well-being. 

Why am I bringing this to your attention today? To empower you, and to remind you that movement can feel good. It doesn’t have to be chore. 

Yes, releasing weight is not-so-easy, but switching footwear is. Yes, releasing weight is not-so-easy, but moving a little more everyday is. Yes, releasing weight is not-so-easy, but looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling at your reflection is. 

These seem so benign, but they are actually powerful weight releasing action stepsThe more you move, the more you move! Free your feet from those prison cell shoes, and enable more movement.