Drink Your Drink. Live Your Life. Step Into Your Truth.

I felt inspired to share a story with you all…

I was at a cocktail party a few days ago and was drinking a glass of water. (The bartender very kindly put in a lime slice for some pizazz!) Almost everyone I mingled with at this party, gave me some grief about drinking just water.

“Live a little, Ellen.”
“Are you sure you don’t want something stronger?”
“A glass of wine won’t kill you.” 

I haven’t seen many of these people in two years, so there were many things to talk about and catch up on, yet my beverage of choice was the focal point of conversation. It was annoying!

No one wants to be the odd man out and no one wants to be the center of unwanted attention. That’s why in the past, I would hold a “fake” glass of wine and pretend to drink it. It was easier than explaining myself.

So for a couple of days now, it’s been gnawing on me – why didn’t I just get a fake drink per usual?  The answer is: I’ve stepped fully into my authenticity, and there’s no turning back.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she hits her self-awareness stride, and I think I’ve arrived…and it’s so satisfying!

This brings me to three words we should all live by: you do you. 

Drink your drink. Live your life. Step into your truth. 

xo Ellen