A Secret Ingredient to Thriving

Exercise is an opportunity to tune inward, towards yourself, but to look at it a different way, exercise is an opportunity to tune out the BS. I recommend we take advantage of this exercise opportunity every single day, since there’s a lot of low vibration out there!

In all seriousness, have you noticed that giving your undivided attention to your workout – be it 15 minutes or an hour – is a form of escape from reality? And that once you return to reality you find yourself managing it better? It really is a secret ingredient to thriving. Thriving…not merely surviving. 

Exercise is a potent self-help tool. It’s unfortunate that exercise is portrayed as “punishing” or “grueling,” that the idea of “no pain, no gain” is still so prevalent, and that exercise is an isolated time to work on the body only. All of this takes us away from the big picture, the whole self. It should never be a chore and it’s never just about the body. 

The magic of mindful movement – and its focus inward –  pays you back tenfold. By going to your mat today, you choose thriving. Your whole self wins. Your whole self is fortified…ready to stay strong in this wacky world we find ourselves living in.