Mobility 101

Limited mobility is pretty common these days. The way I see it is, it’s a symptom of modern living. It’s very easy in our society to be too comfortable, too sedentary, and have too many conveniences. Those long drive-thru lines make me cringe. We go from plush sofa to a cushy bed to the driver’s seat of a car day after day. Mobility isn’t tapped into in typical life. 

The good news is the human body is dynamic – it can change if we give it right action. Here are five ways to gain greater mobility: 

  1. Stretch  – obviously, increasing your muscle’s pliability is going to help with mobility, so take time everyday to consciously stretch. Think of stretching as a love letter to yourself…and be sure to place special attention on the spinal ranges of motion and shoulder area. (Workouts that provide stretch are doubly great.)
  2. Ditch the furniture  broaden your comfort zone. Have you ever gone camping? Do you know how many deep squats you do when you’ve got to pitch a tent, collect firewood and go to the bathroom in the great outdoors? As you may know, I’m a fan of sitting on the floor…it’s particularly great for knee mobility. 
  3. Massage  – self-massage tight areas in your body, like your knee and shoulders. Everyday I instinctively rub my knees. By rubbing my knees, I check in on them and make sure they aren’t holding unwanted tension. 
  4. Loosen up your joints – shoulder loops, hip circles, foot wiggles, and hanging forward folds….do these types of softening, lubricating moves everyday – really great for keeping things loose.
  5. Calm down – stress tightens us, so it’s very important to de-stress on the daily. Take a bath, watch the sunset, meditate, play with a kitten, and don’t watch the news. The mind/body connection is very apparent when it comes to our stress-mobility relationship. 

I will end with a very motivating statement: mobility is de-aging. Because it promotes health to every system of the body, it creates a youthful vibe. The 80 year old sitting cross-legged with ease in yoga class restores my faith. Proof that modern life doesn’t have to be detrimental to our vitality…so let’s go. Let’s move. And let’s be mobile