The How of Holy Flow

Comfortable. Breathing easy. In no rush. Relaxed shoulders. Tension-free face and neck. Whether standing or seated, this is the body language of being present. It has become something I look for in myself and others before starting class. Also known as being grounded and feeling settled, being present to me is a warmup before a warmup. It’s like “get your mind and body in one place and then you get to move.”  Why does this matter?

For one, it’s safer. Injuries are probably much less likely to occur when we are present. Second, it’s more effective. You aren’t just a zombie going through the motions. Instead, you’re really there to guide your movements and make sure the intensity is just right. And third, being present sets the stage for holy flow

Holy flow is a state of being where any action performed has the understanding that it is sheer magic/privilege to be alive. I mean, what a blessing it is to have the time and the ability to move. Your workout can be a gateway to holy flow, but it all teeters on being present. So settle in, get grounded and be here now. Put your body in the right position for in-the-moment-ness. Establishing this habit will make you love your workout. It will make you crave your workout. And you will be fitter for it.