Bye Bye Back Pain

I’d like to start this blog post by saying this: back pain is cure-able, and no one should have to live with it. If a doctor, trainer or therapist tells you the opposite, find another doctor, trainer or therapist! 

Your body wants you to feel good and it’s always striving for balance. Pain is a signal of imbalance and it’s your body’s way of telling you to change in some way, maybe in diet, maybe in lifestyle. When it comes to back pain, changing your alignment and movement patterns is often the key. 

I’ve always promoted neutral spine in my classes because it’s the alignment we want for life. Prolonged tucking of the tailbone can make abs stronger and more engaged, but leaves the middle and lower back areas not-so-mobile. Sticking that tailbone out (sway back), crowds the lower back vertebrae, making any sort of impact dangerous.  However, when the tailbone points straight down, shock absorption is optimal and mobility is not compromised. The latest fit tip explains all of this and helps you find neutral spine. 

Animals in the wild, with backbones, all have neutral spine, unless they’ve been injured or maimed. That red fox sauntering across the road? He’s got neutral spine. The fox, the chipmunk, the  elk…they are roll models for us. Not kidding! 

So a big part of curing chronic back pain is finding neutral spine and returning to neutral spine during the day and during your workouts. If your “set-point” right now is not neutral, neutral will feel a little weird. Go easy, move fluidly, and concentrate on honoring the natural curvature of the spine and finding neutral. Energy will flow and healing will happen. 

Accidents and injuries, child birth, heeled footwear, and sedentary lifestyles can challenge neutral spine and throw alignment off. We must be proactive and pay attention to our own alignment. You can eradicate back pain and feel great 24/7. Just move mindfully!