The Biggest Game Changer of All

Can movement create confidence? Can movement remedy anxiety? Can movement eradicate stress? To tell you the truth, I don’t know.

What I do know is that everyone has ups and downs. Life is not always sunny. Things shake us up. Movement doesn’t change those outside “things” but it does one very significant thing to our inside state – it brings us back to the body.

Anxiety, stress and low confidence happen in our heads. They are thinking. Movement pulls us into feeling.  When we are in a feeling state, we are in the present moment and we are in truth. (As corny as that sounds.) And the truth is you’re alive and, for the time-being, all is well.

That’s why when we create our own exercise habit, we’re really on to something big. The physical effects of exercise are amazing and accumulative, but this one very subtle effect of delivering us to a feeling state could be the biggest game changer of all, and it is also accumulative. 

When it comes to physical, mental and emotional health, movement is always there for us. It’s a stellar self-help tool – the best one I’ve ever known – and It’s not picky. Any type of movement will do, so run, walk, dance, stretch and breathe your way to a feeling state. Before long, you’ll find yourself living in a parallel universe – one that’s more empowered, more inspired and more at peace.