Barefoot or Bust

I was quickly looking at random screen grabs from a few of my video workouts and what really jumped out at me was how grounded we are. We are truly claiming our turf and establishing a strong foundation. Through a photo, you can easily see active foot muscles and you can see that muscular activity really does continue up the body. This makes for a much more integrated workout – excellent for stability of ankles, knees and hips – and it also provides us all with a mental sense of stability, which carries on for the rest of the day. 

This is the benefit of barefoot. Barefoot takes any basic movement and turns it into a total body connection and mental presence.  Sneaker-ed movements might eventually “catch up” but ultimately the connection is a bit off because the true potential of our feet never gets put to the test.

When I started with barefoot workouts in the early 2000s, I was always asked, “Why barefoot?” I’d always reply, “Why sneakers?”   Once you get used to going barefoot, sneakers start to feel like casts.

Barefoot workouts are more common now, and I think it’s because more and more people feel the amazing effects. So make the most of your workout and go barefoot. 👣