it’s In Your DNA

Many of the conveniences of modern life have made our range of motion smaller, our muscles weaker, and our cardiovascular capability reduced. We have garage door openers, drive-thru’s, and escalators. As the late great Anne Marie Benstrom said, “Do you know how much effort it takes to churn butter? No, you don’t!” 

It is no coincidence that the rise of the fitness industry coincides with the rise of modern conveniences. Society had to add intentional movement because built-in movement was taken away. 

I think this is a key understanding. The body is meant to move. You and I come from a long line of physically fit people. The generations nearest to us might not project that reality, but if you dig just a few era’s back, it was survival of the fittest. We’re lucky in that respect. We have the choice. Our fitness is on our own terms.

So when a doctor or a relative tells you an ailment or something else “negative” runs in your family line, you know what else is genetic and runs in your family line? Fitness! I guarantee it. A strong, healthy, capable body is in your DNA, so move. Be active. Don’t allow modern conveniences to snuff out your physical prowess.