You’re Grounded

December is a huge month in my household. For one, my husband, son and dog all have birthdays in December. Secondly, as it is year end, there’s a big work and school-related “wrap things up” energy, And then, on top of it, the holiday hoopla is in full effect. Many of us don’t enjoy this time of year because the sense of pressure we feel clouds the festivity.

After traveling for Thanksgiving, and then jumping into this week with a full plate, I found myself last night (Wednesday), long after the sun set, sitting on my yoga mat. At first, I sat cross-legged, just communing with my breath, then my movement morphed into what I call “The Seated Spine” series. It’s just moving the back every which way – twisting, side bending, forward flexing, and extending. Slow spine circles felt especially nice! I then  held wide-knee child’s pose for a really long time. I did a downward dog, pedaling my feet, which naturally progressed to a standing forward fold with my bare feet pressing into the mat. 

By the time I stood upright completely, and retreated to the warm covers in my bed for the night, I was feeling exceptionally present and calm. My time on the mat felt delicious, and for little physical output, it proved to be very productive. 

When you get grounded you tell your body and mind, “All is well.” It’s a whisper of, “I’m safe and sound and blessed to be me.” 

This is the type of self-care I wish I knew to do when I was younger. I wish I knew how valuable getting grounded is and how easily it can be claimed. I’m grateful to know it now, however and,  I think we all need it more now anyway.

So cheers! We’ve made it to December.
 How about we make it a goal to be grounded?