Covid Weight Release

This week’s news cycle reported that most Americans gained weight in 2020/2021. I am not shocked at this report. It was very predictable considering our government closed down gyms, yoga studios, public parks and beaches, playgrounds and sports fields. Our government told us to stay indoors, and stay away from each other. I noticed among my friends and family that kids quadrupled their screen time, adults doubled their alcohol consumption, and people of all ages experienced unprecedented levels of stress. 

Let it be known: this weight gain is NOT from eating too much. You may have eaten too much, but that is ultimately not the cause of your weight gain. This weight gain is NOT from moving too little. You may have moved too little, but that is ultimately not the cause of your weight gain. The Covid weight gain is a direct result of OFF THE CHARTS FEAR, which was nearly impossible to avoid. 

The good news is we know the cause, and knowing the cause is the key to finding the solution, so in order for us to release this weight we must release the fear. Here are my top ten ways to do just that: 

  1. Deep, mindful breathing
  2. Exercise!
  3. Forrest bathing
  4. Meditation
  5. Sun bathing
  6. Moon bathing
  7. Hugging
  8. Sleeping
  9. Grounding 
  10. Quality human interaction

You may have your own very specific ways of releasing fear too. Knitting, for me, is really great. For you it may be gardening, or cooking, or going for a long drive in the country. It may be reading, or journaling, or getting a massage and pedicure. Please don’t dwell on diet, and don’t beat yourself up about weight gain. It is honest-to-God, not your doing. It is circumstance, but the fear “out there” is not going away, so you and I must take charge of ourselves from here on out and keep any fear at bay.