Bringing Energy In

Whether you’re sleep deprived or not, there are moments when one needs more energy. It’s easy to fall into a coffee habit when experiencing a lull, and I certainly went through that phase, but there are way better techniques for bringing energy in. Here are my top five instant (and free and painless!) energizers: 

  1. Do Five Minutes of Meditation – often we feel fatigue because our minds are on overdrive. Mediation helps slow the mental chatter which in turn settles our nerves. I love an open-eyed mediation, like silently watching the sunset, or watching the wind blow among the branches of a tree. Set a timer and do it – the key is to get five full minutes in. 
  2. Drink A Big Glass of Water – water gives us oxygen, and hydration helps every system of the body function optimally. You’re not tired, you’re thirsty!
  3. Do Three Minutes of Slow Deep Breathing – shallow breathing equates to low energy and stress, so it makes sense that deepening one’s breath can only afford us more mojo. Be sure to breathe in through the nose, and it may be helpful to inhale to a slow count of five and exhale to that same slow count of five.
  4. Invert Your Body – this can be a simple forward fold (which you can do in your work clothes), or a downward facing dog, or “legs up the wall” pose. Inversions bring blood flow to the brain and are proven to be physiologically refreshing. 
  5. Open Your Heart Center – or at the least, don’t slouch. A sunken heart center restricts oxygen intake. A great way to open your heart center during the day is to loop your arms around your chair back and stretch into a back extension. You can also do a 30second  “cobra” or “camel” pose. 

You may notice, “workout” is not on the list. Even though exercise is a great energizer when it’s done at the right intensity, I wanted to share instant strategies that can be done on the fly. I also didn’t mention “take a nap” because that too isn’t so instant, and often a quick cat nap is a “tease” and ends up perpetuating fatigue. 

Yup, energy is everything, and with it, you can move mountains. It’s empowering to know that you can regulate your own energy levels. The ball is in your court” whenever you want it to be!