Less Is More

My family knows this well (and we picker about it!) – I don’t like a lot of stuff and I am not a fan of anything too complicated. This applies to everything from home decor and outfits, to meals and fitness. I am a minimalist and I believe less is more. 

less is more mentality can be good for us. It can save us money and resources, it can save us time, and it can help us maintain a sense of serenity. Here are my top three, super easy “less is more” wellness-related activities you can do right now: 

1. Go Barefoot
Walk around barefoot whenever you can. This helps with balance and connectivity, and keeps our feet strong and supple.

2. Just Breathe
Close your eyes, close your mouth, and focus exclusively on your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose. This gives us energy and calms us down. It also centers us and promotes better focus. 

3. Get On The Ground
Skip the sofa and go straight to the floor. We’ll feel more “in the moment” and I guarantee we’ll stretch a little bit too. 

Guess what? No equipment necessary and it’s all free, free, free! Try going minimal this week with bare feet, breath work and the good old ground. The benefits await! 

Upper Body Blast

Coming August 24th: Upper Body Blast 
Strengthen arms, shoulders and upper back in just 20minutes with this exciting take on fusion sculpt. 

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