The last big video shoot we had for Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement was February 24, 2020. Who knew that craziness would ensue so soon after that day? By Mid-March 2020, life as we knew it was turned upside down. 

All summer long, I plotted my next video shoot and prayed everyone involved stayed healthy and prayed our government wouldn’t close down production. I prayed the weather (and the power!) would cooperate too. Well, my prayers were answered. We had a great day and I’m over the moon about the resulting content that will begin rolling out to you September 21st with Walk With Weights

People have asked how I come up with the ideas for workouts. Well, the concepts blossom from a combination of your feedback and movements themes that come into my work as an in-person instructor and trainer. When an idea keeps “popping up” or it just really sticks, I know I’ve got to pursue it. 

We had many people tell us they loved Barre Conditioning, so we created a second barre workout that has a slower pace, called Gentle Barre (coming January 1, 2020) It’s 30minutes and very mindful. We also had many emails asking for more 15minute “get it all in” workouts, so Quick Fix (coming October 19th) was born. 

And personally, because I’ve been working with affirmations – and find them to be truly powerful – I was compelled to create a workout that uses them. That’s how Affirmative Flow (December 21st) has come to be! 

Like I have said before, working out with you is my dream job. Thank you so much for joining me. I really think you’re going to enjoy the upcoming classes, and I hope they help you stay strong and feel empowered during these strange times.