Your Time Is Now

Many of us feel a bit stuck at the moment, waiting for things to turn around. I’m sensing a great big collective “in limbo” status, which to be honest, I find agonizing. Feeling powerless is no fun, and the first reaction to this sensation is to do nothing, and wait. 

But your time is now. 

Go drink a big glass of water. Go breathe with awareness. Go workout. Or go cook a great meal or organize your closet or clean out the frig. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, by doing something productive and focusing on what you can do – what’s in your power – you keep a vital sense of empowerment. 

We think “carpe diem” (which means “seize the day” in Latin) is about big things, like asking someone to marry you or starting your own business, but at its core, it’s about not hesitating, not waiting, and not wasting time. 

I felt compelled to send a pep talk out to the world today, encouraging us all to carpe diem. Do not despair, do something. Your time is now. It’s always now.