Wellness is a Journey

Fitness is a self-help tool for authentic wellness. The goal is wellness. Or another way of looking at it is, the destination is wellness.

And you and I are never not on a journey towards wellness. We never get to the top of the wellness mountain and stick a flag in it and say, “Done!” If you’re breathing, you’re journeying! 

Remember when Oprah showcased her dramatic weight loss on her talkshow? She even wheeled out a wagon of fat representing the amount of weight she lost. A year later, Oprah had gained all of the weight back. Why? 

Because the journey is more than a workout. It’s more than one window of time. It’s more than one restrictive diet. The journey is lifestyle. It’s way of life. It must be steady and sustainable. This example with Oprah is wellness as a destination rather than wellness is a journey. 

I’m 51 years young and boy am I glad I get the “wellness is a journey” concept. In fact, I don’t just get it, I’m empowered by it! I feel longevity percolating in my bones from embodying it! 

Destinations are mirages. The journey is where it’s at. Let’s go! 
xo Ellen