We “Eat” With Our Eyes

In 2018 and 2019, I went to see Amma, the hugging mother. She is a cherished woman from India, who has such a high vibration, people like me wait in line to receive a hug from her.  I love her and hope to see her again the next time she tours North America.

Both times, there were vendors at this event selling Indian goods, like clothing, jewelry, candles and meditation cushions. One vendor sold an eye exercise chart. It was poster sized and laminated, meant to be hung on the wall. In the US, we are used to seeing an eye chart that is a vision test at the doctor’s office. In India, there is an eye chart that offers exercises to help you strengthen the muscles around your eyes. The vendor said, “You brush your teeth everyday to help your teeth…. this is something to do daily to help your eyes.”  Wow! Major light bulb moment!! 

I bought the eye exercise chart and I am so glad I did. Much of it is in Sanskrit, the English translations are a bit wonky, and there are symbols and shapes that are very foreign to me, but my life and my work have been enhanced by this strange poster. The biggest take-aways are 1. we need to look afar and near, and play around with focus. 2. We need to look right and left, and up and down. 3. We need to challenge our eyes every day, and not just look down at our phones. (Sports, where we have to track a ball, is really great for our eyes.) And 4. the biggest takeaway of all is, spiritually speaking, we ingest what we see. “We eat with our eyes” so when we look at beauty, peace and love, we are nourished with beauty, peace and love.

There is a new fit tip on EllenBarrett.com and it’s a homage to my beloved Indian eye exercise chart. It’s way outside-the-box, and my hope is that it inspires you. May your eyes feel good, and may they function optimally.  And, may your eyes take in all of the goodness that surrounds you.🙏