Type-A Personality? This one’s for you!

There’s a lot of talk these days about the nervous system and for good reason. We live in a hectic world and our nervous systems are constantly put to the test. 

I think many of us “soldier on” day after day and never care for our nervous systems. Why is this? For one, because our society indirectly rewards the “type-A go-go-go” personality, making a jacked up nervous system seem like a positive thing. And two, because we are not taught how to regulate our own nervous system. We don’t think we can do anything about it’s state of being, except for maybe dropping out of society. 

I was a victim of both scenarios. I was taught to be a superwoman 24/7, and I was never ever instructed to do anything but ignore/abuse my nervous system. Luckily, I know better now. Here are five free and easy ways to regulate your nervous system:

  • slow down your breath – five counts in, five counts out
  • breathe in and out through your nose – “smell” the air when you breathe
  • move with flow – no jagged, hyper or sharp movements
  • Close your eyes – shut the outside world out for a moment
  • fold forward – hinge at the hips and close the front body

You can do the five aforementioned actions one at a time, you can do them periodically throughout the day, or you can do them simultaneous, all together. You’ll know your nervous system has been restored when you feel more present, calm and positive.

Stress will always be there – you might be able to minimize it, but you can’t eliminate it. That’s okay. You’ve got tools, empowered wellness tools, that can nurture your whole self,  nervous system included.
Movement is medicine, truly, and it’s at your service.
Let’s Move! 🤗