The Unsung Hero of Movement

Moving on land is a three step deal – first we ground, then we center, then we lift.We get so good at moving that often, these three steps go unnoticed or happen mili-seconds apart, seemingly simultaneously. However, grounding always comes first and lifting is always the result. Grounding is foundational. Lifting is the end game. So what’s in the middle? Your core! 

Core strength is so darn valuable. Your core is working every time you stand up or sit up or walk or basically do anything that’s not lying down. It’s the unsung hero of all movement. The entire act of moving is derailed when you don’t activate your core. Balance challenges activate the core. I recommend barefoot balance challenges because your feet without faux support, connecting to your very own core, is custom-made for you. (Wear shoes when you need to, but go barefoot when you can!) 

This week, as you walk, run, play and dance, notice how much you use your core. Core strength makes movement safer, more fun and more graceful….and it leads to lifted and confident actions and postures that convey empowerment. Love your core by using it(!), and check out Cardio Core, Abs & Arms and Stretch 360 for some of our standing core-focused workouts.