The Secret

Energy begets energy. What gives you energy? We often think our “fuel” is food, and that is true of course, but in a more esoteric sense, breathe, sleep, water, certain people and events, and the right kind of movement all give us energy. They all give back

All movement is not created equal. I mentioned “the right kind of movement” not just “movement” because some movement depletes us. Some movement takes away. What’s the difference? It’ll vary from person to person, but the three big differences are: 

1. Intensity and duration – you’ve gotta find the right level of exertion and figure out what lengthen of time is most invigorating to you. (This is why I could not watch “The Biggest Loser” back in the day. The intensity and duration were always wrong wrong wrong.)
2. State of being – if you are angry, on edge, stressed, feeling too competitive, or begrudgingly forcing yourself to move, whatever form of movement you do will steal energy, because it’s ungrounded and unappreciated. This is a classic case of a mismatch between mind/ body. I’ve seen it a lot, and it’s a big reason why injuries happen too.
3. Flow – if you want exercise to give you energy you’ve got to step into the flow. Flow is feeling ease (not easy!) and synergy between your breath and your body. Running can flow. Ice hockey can flow. Weight training can flow. Every form of movement can flow, not just yoga and dance. 

Flow is third in line because it is dependent on #1 and #2. You’ve got to find the right intensity and duration, and you’ve got to get grounded and appreciative. Once #1 and #2 are established, flow happens, and when flow happens, movement pays you back tenfold. 

So there you go… 1, 2, 3 steps to energy abundance. The secret’s out. Now let’s move