The Mindset Behind the Movement

There is a new fit tip now streaming on Let’s Move! called “The Seven Foundations of Fusion Fitness.” I thought a little fusion  “crash course” would be helpful, and maybe even motivating. 

First off, I love debunking the “no pain, no gain” notion. It has caused so much harm by turning so many people away from the powerful medicine that is movement.  Secondly, all movement can be fusion fitness – a jumping jack, a sprint, a burpee  – it’s the mind behind the movement that makes the difference. And third, when you honor the seven foundations, movement is actually something you look forward to and view as a privilege.  

And then the rest is history, really, because by embracing the seven foundations when you move,  you and I easily adapt a fit lifestyle, and maintain it. And it’s punishment to not work out. (This notion seems crazy only  to inside-the-box people!)

So be sure to get a fusion refresher and check out the latest fit tip. Then meet me where movement is a delight (which is outside-the-box😍). It’s a great day to have a nourishing workout!