The Golden Ticket

I’m not a Fitbit person. I’m not an Applewatch person. I’m not a heart rate monitor person. I’m a check in with yourself person. Some people love the data these devices ofter, and you may be one of them. That’s all good. Different strokes for different folks! High tech and au naturale can co-exist. What I want to emphasize however – no matter what “outside” info you gather during your workout – you already possess a built-in gauge, and it’s at your service. When you’re keyed into it, it’s never wrong and it helps you be well. 

The tech stuff can motivate, entertain, and distract us. That’s because it keeps you in your head. The “inner guidance check in” can also motivate and entertain us, but it’s the exact opposite of distracting because it only “turns on” when we inhabit the body. This is super important to understand, because dropping into the feeling body when we workout is the golden ticket. Here, in the body, is where the in-the-moment-ness happens. Nobody told us this very important concept in school (sadly): in the moment is where life takes place. It’s where you are. 

So if you adore your Fitbits and the number of steps you’ve taken, and the number of calories you’ve burned, that’s awesome. This information might help you thrive. Just be sure to keep prioritizing the check in. Your workout provides an opportunity to drop into your body and BE HERE NOW.Don’t miss out! Now, let’s go! ⚡️