The Energy of Right Now

I went on my usual sunrise dog walk this am and I slowed it down a bit and meandered, really taking in the energy of right now. The leaves have almost completely left the trees. The farmers have harvested their last crop of hay. I hear the geese on the move overhead.  My favorite purple and yellow wildflowers are no longer sprinkled into the landscape. It smells like November.

These observations don’t make me happy or sad. They don’t make me nostalgic for summer, or feel dread towards our upcoming winter. These observations simple inform me. “Yup, I hear ya, Mother Nature. Change in inevitable. Everything is in motion. Nothing is idle. Read ya loud and clear.” 

Have you ever tried stopping your breath? You can’t hold it for long, right? It’s gotta keep flowing. Well, that’s you. You’ve gotta keep flowing too. 

Don’t stand still. Don’t get stuck. Where is it right for you to adjust, to change, and to shift?  Being on autopilot is unnatural. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of autopilot and strict routine with jobs and school and fitness. And of course daily life needs consistency and structure, but it also needs to adapt, to grow and to move forward.

A  few basic example from me: 1. I’m drinking an afternoon cup of chamomile tea again, after not drinking it during the warmer months. 2. The sunset is earlier and so is my workout. I don’t want to workout at night. I find it irritating. But in the summer, night didn’t start until 8 or 9pm, whereas now, 4pm and it’s over for me! 3. I felt my skin needed a heavier moisturizer, so I’ve swapped out the previous one – which worked well in the summer, but isn’t getting the job done right now. 

Tune into yourself a little more this week. Tune into the energy of right now. This is not a call to action. It’s a call to pay attention. Pay attention to change and step into its flow. Change is always a comin’ – let’s be right there with it.