Thanks Winter, Now Scram!

“We made it through another winter.” I’ve been saying that a lot – more than I have in years passed. It wasn’t a particularly “tough” winter. We didn’t have any crazy storms or too many school cancelations. I’d actually say, as far as winters go, it was uneventful. Yet, this year, I feel like I had to dig deep to survive it. 

I survived the lack of sun.  I survived needing extra time to put on my boots when I left the house. I survived darkness at 4pm. I survived hiking with my face wrapped up in a scarf. I survived dry, pale, winter-weary skin. I survived windows shut tight.

Now I rejoice. I rejoice with sun-kissed skin. I rejoice with dinner’s alfresco on my patio. I rejoice in low heating bills. I rejoice in walking barefoot outside. I rejoice in hearing the birdsong through my open windows. 

Because of winter, I’m extra grateful for summer…and I’m actually grateful for winter too, because it has made me greatly appreciate  – and not take for granted – summer. 

This analogy can be applied your well-being. If you’ve been down and out, not feeling great, and not up to par, perhaps from an injury, an illness, a lack of fitness, or a setback of some kind, remind yourself it’s just winter and summer is coming. Summer will come and you’ll delight in it like you’ve never delighted before.  

You might be frustrated at winter now, but there will come a time when you feel big gratitude towards it. You’ll actually thank it (!) because it provided you with a deeper awareness of 1. yourself, 2. the sacredness of having a body, and 3. how awesome it is to feel good. In the words of John Steinbeck, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

Oh winter, how you challenge us! But in the end, the challenge becomes a gift. (Thanks winter, now scram! It’s summer’s turn now!)
Let’s Move! 🤗