Ten Toes In

Every once in a while an athlete really catches my eye, and without knowing any of their legendary plays or stats, I’ll ask, “Hey, who’s that?” I tend to hone in on body language, form, breathing, and other things like that. Not knowing much about the sport helps me look beyond the sport and simply see the art of the athlete. 

One such athlete – a true artist – is a football player on the Kansas City Chief’s named Patrick Mahomes. Before I knew he was a top quarterback in the NFL, I knew he was one in a million. He’s having fun. He’s in the flow. He’s creative and has great reactivity and great instincts. These things are all happening for one reason: Patrick Mahomes is fully in his body.  

What I mean by that is he’s dropped down into a feeling state of awareness, which can only happen by being present in the moment AND connected to your body.  If you want to know what fully in your body looks like…it looks like Patrick Mahomes. He’s not caught up in his head. He’s not thinking about the last play. He’s not fixated on the clock. He’s at home in his body and that’s where his game is taking place. (I bet, as a school kid, Patrick Mahomes learned best while moving – a kinesthetic learner to the max!) So how does one get embodied? 

  • get grounded – where are you in space? 
  • gaze inward – What are you focused on? 
  • feel – how am I doing? 

Exercise tends to automatically force these questions upon us. Usually the answers come and we’re not too cognizant of them at the time, but they come regardless, and a dialog between you and you ensues. The more you move your body the more embodied you become. 

So yes, embodiment. It’s thrilling to watch it in action. If you’re ever watching American football – or any sporting event – be on the lookout for those athletes who are fully in their bodies, or as I like to say, “Ten toes in.” They might fill you up with inspiration.  ⚡️