Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement

New Video Workout: Classic Cardio

Ellen leads this true blue 30minute fat-burning routine. It’s easy-to-follow, low-impact, and comes complete with V-steps and grapevines. No equipment necessary. Shoes are optional. *The video will appear on Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement by 9am EST on September 13. 

Yoga Mat Work Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Yoga Mat Work

Grab your mat and join us for 15minutes of deep breathing and big stretching. This seated movement series invigorates the body and is especially great for limbering up the spine. *The video will appear on Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement on Monday, August 16, 2021, at 9am EST.

Ellen Barrett Walk With Weights

Let’s Take A Walk

Originally – way way back – the idea for this workout came from emails from you. Many people wanted a longer walking workout, so my first working title was “Long Walk” but my 11-year-old son put the kibosh on that saying, “That is way too basic.” The next working title was “Endurance Walk” which I held onto for a few months but never really loved. I finally settled on Walk With Weights because after describing the workout to someone I said,...