The Mindset Behind the Movement

There is a new fit tip now streaming on Let’s Move! called “The Seven Foundations of Fusion Fitness.” I thought a little fusion  “crash course” would be helpful, and maybe even motivating.  First off, I love debunking the “no pain, no gain” notion. It has caused so much harm by turning so many people away from the powerful medicine that is movement.  Secondly, all movement can be fusion fitness – a jumping jack, a sprint, a burpee  – it’s the mind behind the movement that makes...

Ellen Barrett "Wellness is a Journey"

Wellness is a Journey

Fitness is a self-help tool for authentic wellness. The goal is wellness. Or another way of looking at it is, the destination is wellness. And you and I are never not on a journey towards wellness. We never get to the top of the wellness mountain and stick a flag in it and say, “Done!” If you’re breathing, you’re journeying!  Remember when Oprah showcased her dramatic weight loss on her talkshow? She even wheeled out...

Mood Boosting Cardio With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Mood Boosting Cardio

Quick (15minutes!), low-impact and easy to follow, this workout aims to increase your heart rate and improve your mood, fast. No equipment necessary. Shoes are optional. * The video will debut on Let’s Move! on June 14, 2023 by 9amEST.

One & Done!

New Video Workout: One & Done

We’re using a single handheld weight for an especially organized (& mindful!) 30minute sculpt session, where symmetry, alignment and unique ranges of motion are in the spotlight. One 3-5lb weight and a “sticky” yoga mat are needed. Barefoot is best! * The video will begin streaming on “Let’s Move! on July 17th by 9am EST.

Express Barre With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Express Barre

We’re delivering an elegant head-to-toe Ballet conditioning workout in just 20minutes, so kick of your shoes, stand tall and let’s move! Barefoot is best. * This video will debut on Let’s Move! on May 19, 2023 by 9amEST

Ellen Barrett Fresh Yoga

New Video Workout: Fresh Yoga

Mindfully flow from one move to the next, opening, strengthening and invigorating without irritation in this 30minute moderately paced vinyasa class. A “sticky” yoga mat is all you need. Barefoot is best.This workout will debut on Let’s Move! on April 21, 2023 by 9amEST.

Five-Star Fusion With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Five-Star Fusion

It’s a Pilates, yoga, barre, old school calisthenics, and breath-work extravaganza!  Build all over strength and suppleness in this 45minute, mostly standing, fluid and non-stop workout. A “sticky” yoga mat is all the equipment you’ll need. Barefoot is best. This video will begin streaming on Let’s Move! by Thursday, March 23, 2023.

The Secret

Energy begets energy. What gives you energy? We often think our “fuel” is food, and that is true of course, but in a more esoteric sense, breathe, sleep, water, certain people and events, and the right kind of movement all give us energy. They all give back.  All movement is not created equal. I mentioned “the right kind of movement” not just “movement” because some movement depletes us. Some movement takes away. What’s the difference? It’ll vary...

The energy of right now

The Energy of Right Now

I went on my usual sunrise dog walk this am and I slowed it down a bit and meandered, really taking in the energy of right now. The leaves have almost completely left the trees. The farmers have harvested their last crop of hay. I hear the geese on the move overhead.  My favorite purple and yellow wildflowers are no longer sprinkled into the landscape. It smells like November. These observations don’t make me happy...

Ellen Barrett

It’s Always Mental & Physical

It’s very early in the morning as I type out this newsletter, and my house is totally still. The dogs and I are in my office with only one salt lamp turned on behind me. It’s orange glow gives me just enough light. It’s cozy and calm all around. I feel grounded and centered. And while I’m not pumping iron or breaking a sweat, I do consider my morning time a big part of my...